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said Air Jordan a lot of people know, often appear to take the "astronomical", today we take a look at what Air Jordan is to take 10000 RMB.

this is a Air Jordan 12 color, as one of the 1997 first year, Air Jordan 12 Obsidian no suspense became a special existence, it is not like the traditional black and red, black and white color scheme, and the use of deep blue and white collocation and personality of the show, let a obsessed fans are.

but before, a Air Jordan 12 Obsidian appeared in eBay, the transaction price reached nearly $10000 RMB. This pair of suspected "1 of 1" Sample used to create nubuck leather shoe body, this elegant texture suddenly came out, perhaps this is the reason to take the shoes over priced.
Sample can not be met, but the Jordan Brand also released a lot of OG engraved, if it is you, you will feel more like what Air Jordan 12 engraved
Reed has medals in hand

Reed - a six - year-old kindergarten boy, does not know what cerebral palsy is. All he knows is that his legs are not very good at once. But that did not prevent him from giving up his love run.

was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the same time, he unexpectedly told his mother dawn, he wanted to try to run.

, so in November 2014, just after five years old, her mother sent him to a competition for Thanksgiving.

"I don't know how his performance is, I only know that there are thousands of people there together, so we left," his mother said. "Some time later, they told us that Reed had won the prize. At that moment, he said he wanted to compete more.
One month after he was diagnosed with his illness,
joined the North American University Alliance for the indoor and outdoor Championships and outdoor Championships under the age of 14. And bring back the gold medal of the 400 and 800 meters.

when Reed was six weeks old, her mother learned that Reed had no congenital throat cartilage disease, namely laryngomalacia. He accepted the treatment of talking and eating, which became the most important concern of the whole family for the first two years. During this period, Reed was unable to sleep, and the electroencephalograph showed that his brain wakes him up 17 times an hour. His mother even tried to find a doctor in the Department of orthopedics because she found a reversal of his son's left foot.

finally, at the age of five, he found Reed suffering from cerebral palsy through MRI.

at the time, his doctor advised him to do an operation to correct his left foot. But her mother had planned three different times of surgery, and finally decided to use other methods to solve the problem.

, "I can't imagine how much pain it will bring to a foot orthodontic operation. I think maybe helping him to control his muscles will be a better solution."

now Reed follows the following plan and gets up and runs at 6:45 in the morning. After school, physical training to increase muscle strength is carried out. Take all kinds of events on Friday and go to all kinds of outdoor sports at the weekend.

recently, he also began to take part in the long jump, the shot, the javelin, and so on. It became an amusement in his absence.

"I don't know how far he can go on the road, but I enjoy the moment he can play, at least he can do what he likes."

his mother said that when he was long enough to understand what the cerebral palsy was, she would explain the current decision with him. (LJ)

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