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Air Jordan Future recently released new version of a golden shoe, it looks vamp uses a similar type of paint material and shading, looks very personality. The shoes are specially designed for female consumers, but all the news about this shoe has not been proven, and we will continue to pay attention to it.

Alexander McQueen and PUMA had been launched in cooperation with a variety of sports shoes limited design, the Alexander McQueen's successor Sarah Burton inherited the creation, the launch of the new PUMA BY AMQ RUFFIEN series. This fabric is mainly composed of leather shoes, made of various leather shoes and a group of noble texture, keep body shape simple and generous, in details can be found beyond the stick with the shoes of the general charm. There are three color choices.

Guangzhou runfriends are on the scene of the Shanghai international marathon last year. Guizhou Qiandongnan over 100 km challenge.

from September to December, 22 Professional Marathon events will be held in China. In addition, there will also be large and small interesting road races. For runners, they will enter the long distance running season in September.
Hangzhou International Marathon. The Color Run competition scene. BMW jogging Beijing Railway Station, an interesting small event. A living corpse road. The live corpse road race. September formally entered the long season of long distance race!
so many running events, which is worth a run? With a number of senior running friends advice, CBD express reporter inventory in the second half of this year the most professional, most fun run event list, rookie and each one takes what he needs.

right, why didn't the November 23rd Guangzhou marathon be included in it? Because this is the door of the game, I think everyone will not miss it!

's high hand runs to the left to see

November 7th -9 day

Guizhou super 100 km run

hundred kilometers run: the Miao's sister is waiting for you!
Schedule a total length of 105.4975
, divided into "three days three to three" games, held in Qiandongnan, Kaili, Zhenyuan, us. The process can visit the famous tourist attractions of Xijiang Miao village, the historic towns away, but also enjoy the charm of the Miao and Miao dance girl, male friends to run it. The registration fee is about 800 yuan, completed the first day of the game back to 150 yuan, second days to complete the game back to 150 yuan, third days to complete the game back to 100 yuan. The remaining registration fees include 3 days of accommodation, catering and free airport delivery. On the first day of the game, there was a grand national singing and dancing performance, which was completely worth the ticket price.

running friends pine wind support:
The section of
1.90% runs along the edge of the mountain, not very undulating, completely without being frightened by the long distance of 100 kilometers.

2. booked the ticket ahead of time, plus a variety of taxes and fees of not more than 1000 yuan.

3. diet is not used to the sponsor.

November 2nd

Shanghai International Marathon

: Please note that this year's registration is ahead of time.

launched a strong event logistics, has been the domestic game marathon enthusiasts.. This competition is divided into the full, half, 10 km running, jogging four projects, will the Bund, Huaihailu Road rehabilitation Park, Xuhui, Binjiang and other old and new attractions. Please note that this year's match time is ahead of time. China Athletic Association before the release of the updated version of the official website on the "2014 national marathon sports events and related development plan", Shanghai international marathon a month ahead of schedule, will be held on November 2nd. The interpretation of the Shanghai Marathon Organizing Committee is the first star in November.

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