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with the famous rapper to launch AIR JORDAN II limited edition, inspired by the launch of the THE WAY I singer AM autobiography signature, limited edition of 313, only available in the official AIR JORDAN FLIGHT CLUB website, said sales of shoes will be used for the Marshall Mathias foundation in December 18th, the date of sale, the sale price of $110.
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Nike LeBron 8 V2 'All-Star' - All Star version, shoes using Royal Blue / black color, the overall feeling quite atmospheric. In addition, MarqueeSole arrived at a small number of specific sizes, interested friends can go to see.

The Rio Olympics torch site to 58 players tomorrow challenge " vertical marathon "

newspaper after two weeks of stressful preparation, the exciting "vertical marathon" competition tomorrow will be in the "big corn". Tomorrow is the day of the opening of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the "vertical marathon" contestants are expected to witness the birth of the first gold of the Rio Olympic Games. At the scene, there are 2016 Rio Olympic torch to help. It is hoped that the players can surpass themselves and realize their dreams in the atmosphere of the Olympic carnival.

players choose thousands of selected, 58 players stand out

July 22nd, Dahe officially released for athletes and volunteers, a hundred responses to a single call. In a short week, the number of enrolment has exceeded 700. After a strict primary selection, the 58 players came to the fore. There were 33 male and 25 female players. Among these players, there are university teachers, active servicemen, sports men and so on.

and contestants were recruited at the same time as volunteers, and the number of volunteers was more than 100. According to the match arrangement, we finally selected 20 volunteers. During the competition, the contestants have any questions and can find the volunteers around them for help.

in order to surprise everyone, the game has a 2016 Rio Olympic torch to help. This is the first Rio Olympic torch to make its debut in Henan, and everyone can take a picture with the Olympic torch after the end of the game.

the arrival of the Olympic torch, add color to the Olympic Games, from Brazil across the sea to the Olympic torch, the carnival of the home court, to Henan Zhengzhou, to "up! Golden moment - the scene of the 2016JRC festival of the great river at 2016JRC.

is on Saturday, from 4 p.m. to 6:30

starts at 4:20 p.m. on the 6 day, according to the competition. We remind volunteers to arrive at the site at 9 a.m. on 6 morning, familiar with the site and carry out post training. The contestants should arrive at the scene by 3 p. m. and leave the time for the pre match preparation. Dahe newspaper, Zhengzhou Taigu Coca-Cola Beverage Co., JRC sharing space, Zhengzhou green space JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, and other leaders will be led.

4:38, the game entered the formal stage, 58 professional players started the game. 10 people were divided into a total of 6 groups, and the departure time interval was 2 minutes. At 6 p. m., award the award for the winners. Here reminding the players that the organizers have set up 4 supply points and 4 medical points. The supply point has mineral water, and the medical point has an ambulance team composed of doctors and nurses from the Longhai hospital in Zhengzhou. Unable to finish the game, can take the elevator, Zhengzhou green JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong lift for 1~58 layer, green property - Shanghai Kerui Property Management Co. Ltd. Henan branch in the 1~35 layer.

this event received China Life Insurance Limited by Share Ltd >

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